Safe home foundation having a separate rescue team for attending all the emergency dog rescues on the streets. The office team handle between 800 to 1100 calls each month and many responses demand immediate assistance from our rescue team. In such cases our office team will immediately reports to the rescue team and they will arrive to the spot and rescue the dog which was in need of hospital treatments.

We are having separate ambulance for all the rescue, Whether a dog has been hit by a car, or a dog has fallen in a ditch, we are here to help all the stray dogs suffering with some serious problems.

From early morning until past midnight, whenever we receive a report, our office team assesses the condition of the dog via video, and dispatches our rescue teams so that animals with the most life-threatening problems are given greatest priority.

Once the rescued animals have arrived at our safe home foundation shelter, they are visually assessed by a vet and quickly monitored for contagious diseases before being admitted. They are then taken to an assessment room for a more detailed diagnosis and, from there, proceed to whichever area of the hospital is relevant to their needs.

Cases often include distemper or parvovirus infection, sarcoptic and demodectic mange, canine transmissible tumours (TVT) – all these diseases, seen in the Madurai city are prevalent in india. Other common cases include infected wounds, fractures due to road traffic accidents, various skin conditions and tick-borne diseases. 

When someone in Madurai spots an injured or ill dog, they can call our Emergency Helpline 8072267161 or 9345467560 to report the condition. The number of caring people contacting us to help an animal has grown continuously, with an average of 5 animals reported to us each day, and spikes of up to 65 calls. We are covering entire Madurai city and surroundings.

Our rescue teams respond to approximately 10 spots each day, out of which around 5 Dogs require treatment in our hospital. These are animals who require antibiotics for infected wounds, splints for fractures, surgery or intensive care for severely ill or injured animals. Length of stay ranges from just a few days to sometimes many months, such as for dogs with spinal injury. When fully healed, dogs are given for adoptions and few dogs returned to their neighbourhoods where their care-takers can keep a careful eye on them. Adoption is the best way to support us and to be a major part of many life changing rescues to know more about adoption kindly check the adoption tab in our site map.


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