How Your monthly donations are most helpful then your one time donation? Safe home foundation has a dedicative staffs working continuously for the welfare of stray dogs in every aspects. Around 8 staffs, 4 cleaners, 1 doctor & 1 surgeon are working in our organisation. We have to provide good salary as they have dedicated themselves to work for SHF. Around 120 stray dogs which are handicapped with different problems like 2 leg & 3 leg dogs, Dog who loss their eye sights & spine injured etc are living their life happily in our shelter. They are in need of continuous care & treatments for that we need to provide foods, supplements and medicines etc. SHF doing continuous spay/neuter program to stop the cruelty before it occurs to know more about our Spay/neuter(CVNR) program check out the Spay/neuter tab. We are doing regular feeding activates in lots of area where the stray dogs are suffering to get their day to day foods. For doing this major activities we are in need of your kind supports regularly. With  the monthly support from compassionate people like you, Safe home Foundation also assists other shelters across india and provides regular supplies of dog food to individuals caring for stray animals in temples and communities. Whatever and however much you choose to donate, know that your kind gift will always be used in the most efficient way possible to assist the maximum number of stray dogs.  Every dollar counts! Make one-time donation or Schedule monthly to support us regularly.

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