What We Do

We rescue and foster dogs

Our team has dedicated our lives to saving stray dogs with injuries, mange, diseases and many other ailments every single day. We vaccinate the dogs in our care against common diseases like rabies, sterilize dogs to prevent further overpopulation and educate the people in our community about the importance of animal care and compassion.

Foster Care

Dogs in our care have been removed from their homes or the street due to neglect, abuse or most commonly injuries due to car accidents and are now being properly cared for by our team. We turn no dog away and have had paralyzed, sick and mature dogs in our care.

Adoption Services

Millions of dogs all over India are in need of a loving forever home. As Safe Home Foundation is a full-service shelter, we also offer dog adoptions to the public and occasionally do check-ups to ensure the dogs are happy in their new home.

Dogs Served By The Safe Home Foundation(SFH)

Awareness Program

1000+Dogs Cared For
1100+Dogs Adopted
500+Abandoned Dogs Rescued
1600+Abused Dogs Rescued