How my sponsorship donation is used for ?

Your sponsership donation for a specific degs will be use for

  • * Foods
  • * Medicines
  • * Vertinary care
  • * Shelter

What is the information I can get when I sponsor a dog?

If you sponsor a dog, you will get a sponsorship certificate with a photo of your sponsored dog. Then you will get a regular update on your sponsored dog.

If I sponsered a dog that one was cared specially ?

In our shelter, there are more than 100 dogs available, and all the dogs are cared for equally. Your sponsorship will be used to help all the dogs in our shelter, including your sponsored dog.

What about the dogs who have no sponsor?

In SHF, all the dogs in our shelter are treated equally. Your sponsorship will be used to help all the dogs, including your sponsored dog.

Only one person sponsored a dog?

It depends upon the treatment cost whether one or more persons can sponsor a dog. On every dog list, it is specified clearly that they have one or multiple sponsors.

My donation in your website was safe?

Yes it was safe your donation was done only through our paypal only. Paypal was one of the international safe transfer method and your information was never shared to anyone.

I am facing a technical problem in sponser a dog through website?

If you face an issue, you can send a mail through [email protected]

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